PhysioDom provides exercise, dietary coaching and coordination social services agendas in your own home


Successful cases in the Spanish Pilot of PhysioDom

A 71 year lady who is taking part in the Spanish PhysioDom trial with obesity type 2, BMI of 38.1, together with hypertension and diabetes type II.
Over a period of one month, PhysioDom HDMI professionals have put together a customised Diet Plan of 1,800 Kcal per day for her, taking into account her specific conditions. They have also recommended a Physical Activity Plan of 5,000 steps per day.
Via the PhysioDom monitoring system, our professionals have checked that her weight has gone down from 85kg to 83kg and her blood pressure has reduced from 165.9 to 127.6. In addition, her BMI has reduced to 37.8. This is one example, of a group of cases that demonstrate the efficacy of the PhysioDom HDMI project. In addition, she is also enthusiastic and working more than the expectations!
Another successful case is a 73 year old man, with hypertension, high cholesterol, COPD, diabetes and heart failure.
The PhysioDom nutritionist created a personalized Dietary Plan of 1500 kcal for him, and the nurse sent him nutritional advice to treat his hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes. His Physically Plan recommended 10,000+ steps per day.
After two months of monitoring, our professionals are happy to report his hypertension has decreased to a normal level, and his physical activity has improved.

UK users find the PhysioDom system easy and fun to use!

Mrs C is 70 and suffers with COPD and anxiety. Mrs C took part in the pilot project and because of this was keen to take part in the main Physiodom trial. Due to her condition she is not able to exercise as much as she would like and has put on weight. Her main aims are to improve her general fitness level and to lose a bit of weight.

Mrs C said:
“I find the equipment very easy to use and I enjoy entering my weight and the distance walked each week through my television set. I was provided with a set of scales and a pedometer to use at the start of the project. I am pleased to say since starting, I have managed to lose several pounds and I walk further round the supermarket to increase the steps walked on my pedometer. When I enter the symptoms on my TV, if I am feeling anxious I do something about it, such as visiting a friend for a coffee. I have also started to attend two Breathe Easy groups in my town in order to help my breathing. I would recommend the Physiodom system to anyone who has breathing difficulties or wishes to lose a bit of weight.”

UK users overwhelmed with enthusiasm

We have had a tremendous response from people in our community wanting to take part in the PhysioDom trial. Many people got in touch with us because their friend or neighbour had signed up to the trial and they were very enthusiastic after having seen a demo of the system.
We currently have 130 participants using the PhysioDom system in their homes, ranging in ages from 65 to 95. Their reasons for wanting to take part have been very varied – many having retired and now leading a more sedentary life style are wanting to lose a little bit of weight and improve their general fitness levels.
We have been overwhelmed with how enthusiastic the majority of the participants have been about using the system and although it is early days, for some it has already made a significant impact to their fitness levels and eating habits. In some neighbourhoods where we have a number of residents using the system, it has even got quite competitive with people comparing how many steps they have done for the day and that week!
Many participants also opted to have a blood pressure monitor as part of the trial and this is proving a very popular and useful monitoring tool for those who worry about their blood pressure being too high.

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